How to Become a Mason


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  1. If you are interested to become a mason please visit any of the local lodges. Here is a list of lodges in the greater Austin area:
  2. After attending meetings for a sufficient time, and getting to know the brothers you are welcome to bring a completed petition form to lodge. Please ask any Master Masons that you have gotten to know to sign the petition.
  3. Once you have a completed petition form, including a copy of your birth certificate, and five recommenders who signed the petition, you present it to the Lodge Secretary. He will review it and ask for any missing information.
  4. After receiving a completed petition it will be read at the following monthly Stated Meeting. The lodge will then assign an investigation committee of three Master Masons, none of whom can be signers of the particular petition.
  5. Following a serious background check, interviews with the petitioner, his family, recommenders and others; the committee will turn in their report.
  6. Finally the members of the lodge will vote on the petition. The petitioner will then be notified of the result.


Anyone who wants to join a Masonic Lodge within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM has to comply with the following minimal requirements:
– Be a Man, 18 years or older
– Believe in deity
– Believe in the Constitution of the United States of America
– Live within the jurisdiction of the Lodge for a minimum of 6 months
– Be free of any Felony Criminal Convictions