Lodge Suspension

Austin Lodge No. 12 A.F.&A.M. has been suspended by the M.W. Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.&A.M. on Thursday, August 11, 2023. The lodge will not be meeting until it has been restored. This will NOT affect the masonic status of any member.
For further information please see the following statement:


Dues 2024

To pay your dues for 2024 please mail the check to:
Austin Lodge No. 12, P.O. Box 5150, Austin, Texas 78763

If you prefer to pay online with a credit card, contact the lodge at: info@austinlodge12.com
A private link with the pay option will be send to you.

The dues have been increased to help cover the the sharp increase in rent and other expenses.
The new annual dues are: $200.00.

Membership Info

If you are a member of Austin Lodge No. 12, please know that your status as a mason is NOT affected by the suspension of the lodge. If you were in good standing prior to the suspension, then you still are today.

If you are a candidate of Austin Lodge No. 12 and in the middle of your proficiency examinations or degrees, please make sure to stay in touch with the lodge, so that we can help you schedule the courtesy work with other lodges in District 50. There have been many brothers and lodges that have offered to take on this additional work and are demonstrating what brotherly love and affection truly means.

At this time Austin Lodge No. 12 is unable to accept petitions for affiliation or membership. We appreciate your interest, and regret that we have to deny such petitions currently.

If you have any further questions please contact us at: info@austinlodge12.com