Due to the Suspension we are not able to display the actual payment page.
Members of Austin Lodge No. 12 please mail the check to:

Austin Lodge No. 12
P.O. Box 5150
Austin, Texas 78763

The members voted unanimously to increase the dues for 2024 to $200.00. This increase was necessary to cover the gap in expenses such as rent, insurance, etc. Due to a current lease expiring, the landlord is negotiating new terms that include significant increases. 

Your dues cards will be mailed to the address provided after they are issued from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas in early January.

Annual Dues
Dues for 2024 are $200.
Paypal adds a surcharge to all transactions and this amount has been added to the price.

Degree Fees
Paypal adds a surcharge to all transactions and this amount has been added to the price.

Entered Apprentice: $250.00

Fellow Craft: $200.00

Master Mason: $150.00

Automatic Suspension – non-payment of dues
Art. 319. (354)
Lodge dues are due and payable one year in advance on January 1st of each year (unless otherwise exempt) and if not paid on or before that date a member shall be in arrears for his dues; and on or before thirty days before the last stated meeting of the Lodge held before June 24th of each year, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify each member, in writing, who may be in arrears for any dues, and if such member fails to pay such dues on or before June 23rd of such year, he shall stand automatically suspended for non-payment of dues without action by the Lodge, and such suspension shall be recorded in the minutes at the first subsequent stated meeting of the Lodge.

Austin Lodge No. 12 has voted in 2020 to raise its endowment value to twenty times its annual dues. Any members who are not endowed yet, but would like to do so would have to pay twenty times whatever their current annual dues are.

Endowments are also referred to as life-time memberships. They allow the member not to pay any further annual dues without becoming suspended for non-payment of dues. However, the lodge still owes annual per-capita fees to the Grand Lodge of Texas for that member. It is heavily encouraged for the member to consider contributing an annual amount to the lodge of at least that amount to avoid becoming a financial burden to the lodge.

Grand Lodge Per Capita Fees
The Grand Lodge of Texas A.F.&A.M. charges an annual per capita fee of all members, regardless if they are 50 year masons or endowed, of $12.50 / year for each lodge they belong to. If you are a member of Austin Lodge No. 12 and want to help cover your fees even if you are endowed or a 50 year mason, please use the link below. Thank you!