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Austin Lodge #12 Academic Scholarship

We received over 200 applications to our 2021-2022 scholarship and faced a very difficult challenge in selecting our recipients. We want to thank everyone who took the time to apply and wish each any every one of these talented students success in the future.

The scholarship committee made five (5) awards to very talented individuals in the amount of $3,000 each. A thank you letter has been sent to all who provided a complete applications.

We will open the next scholarship application period later in the year (likely December)


About the scholarship:

Austin Lodge No. 12, A.F. & A.M., awards annual scholarships to worthy applicants from academic institutions who will be attending Texas institutions of higher education. The exact dollar amount of each scholarship will depend upon the size of investment income from the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

The scholarships are designed to assist individuals pursuing a post-secondary education in any state at an accredited institution, which provides a two or four year college program. The scholarships may be used for any bona fide school related expense such as tuition, fees, and books.

Applicants need not have a Masonic connection, nor do race, creed, religion, color, sex, or national origin have any bearing in the selection process. Recipients are selected after completing a comprehensive written application.

A broad-based criteria is used in the selection process. The principal criterion is service to school and community with special emphasis upon leadership roles in these areas. Austin Lodge No. 12 is looking for those students who exhibit the greatest potential to be not only of service to their communities in the future but also leaders in these communities. An applicant’s academic record, communication skills, and need for financial assistance are also carefully considered, as is an evaluation of the applicant by a school official. The organization, appearance, and completeness of the application are also factors considered by the selection committee.