$999 Sponsorship Package


Premiere $999 Sponsorship Package

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All proceeds will support the continued works of Austin Lodge No. 12, the oldest continually operating organization in Austin, Texas.

Benefits of contributing at this level include:

  • Announcement of support during the event at a key moment where all in attendance will take note
  • Awareness via word of mouth throughout the Masonic Community
  • Logo placement on reusable items created to support the event
  • Banner space
  • Commemorative gift which can be displayed in business or at home
  • Social media mentions through out the Masonic Community
  • Opportunity to provide promotional materials and advertisements directly with members of the Lodge and those connected to the event
  • Full page promotion within the event brochure
  • Future rights to sponsorship opportunities based upon business genre.
  • Meaningful access to event audience with exclusive market research and the ability to influence that other forms of advertising cannot buy